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How to Pass the GED Test

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The GED test is easy if you're prepared. The main reason people don't pass the first time is that they haven't taken the time to brush up on the basics. The GED test is like any challenge. If you prepare the right way, you succeed. And you end up passing faster.

Passing the GED test is all about being ready. That's how we make it easy to get a GED credential. Our online GED test preparation program makes sure you are totally ready and that you learn fast and easy. That's what we do better than anyone else.

What's stopping you from going for your GED credential and making the commitment to improve your life? For a lot of people, the commitment just seems too big, too hard, and the goal can seem unattainable. You can achieve big things, but make it easy by starting small. Just one hour a week can start you on your way to a new life.

Know What's on the GED Test

Without the basics of math, reading, writing, and critical thinking, you're going to be locked out of good jobs and higher-level education. That's what's on the test. Why? It's what getting ahead today requires.

But the idea of going "back to school" for a GED class can feel overwhelming. Not to worry. We've made getting the education you need easier than you ever thought possible. As one of our students described, "It's not like going to school, it's like going to the movies."

It Doesn't Have to Feel Like You're Climbing Mt. Everest

Some people worry that they can't prepare for the GED test on their own. They feel that it's been too long since they were in school, and they've forgotten too much. It feels like climbing Mt. Everest. But you can achieve your dreams!

We have helped over 4.5 million with their GED test prep. Some have been out of school for 40 years, and some left school in the 8th grade or lower. 665,000 people earned their GED or HiSET credential last year, and it can happen for you too!

Know When You Are Close to a GED Credential

Our GED practice test shows you what the GED test is like and gives you an idea of how much you need to brush up. The GED Academy provides online GED practice tests so you know you're ready for the test.

Getting a GED Credential Online

Students always ask, "How can I get my GED online? Can I take a GED online test?" Well, the short answer is online testing may be available through your state's official testing center. Check with your testing center to find out more. Be cautious of online GED programs that promise "fake" GED testing online. Getting your GED through a testing center will ensure your diploma is valid and accepted at jobs and colleges. Try out Essential Education's free GED practice test to see how it works.

Online GED test prep classes aren't like high school. You can control your own learning, learn at your own speed, and study at home. We make it simple with online classes for GED test prep and a practice GED study test that prepares you.

How GED Academy Works

First, you take a GED practice test for a customized GED preparation study plan. We use your GED practice test results to predict your actual GED testing scores and then put together a list of lessons for you to work on. Next, you take our simple and fun online classes for GED test study. Along the way, you'll do more GED testing online to see how you're doing, and we'll let you know when you're ready for the GED test. With online GED test preparation courses, you can get your GED diploma faster than you ever thought possible. So get ready for the GED test online, at home, and on your schedule.