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The Fastest Way to Earn a GED Diploma

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Cost, time, and hard work often prevent people from getting the education they need to make changes in their lives, so we've created a new kind of online learning. It’s affordable, fast, and easy.

First, Don't Get Scammed

Scam sites just print out fake diplomas from a computer. A real GED credential is awarded by your state when you pass the GED test through an official testing center. Find out where to take the test.

Next, Find Out What You Need to Know

Start with a practice test to determine the areas you need to study. This saves you time and money. Our online GED test practice will pinpoint the exact skills you need to study in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies, and then create a personalized learning plan for you, all automatically.

Then, Study Online

The GED Academy online study program guides you through the skills and knowledge you need to pass the GED test. Material that seemed hard in high school is presented in easy-to-understand steps.

Can You Get A GED Online?

A lot of students ask about a GED online test. Don't fall for online "GED diploma" scams that say they give "quick" GED testing online. They aren't real GED tests. Colleges and employers won't accept fake, online GED credentials or online high school diplomas. The truth is, the only place to take the GED Test is through an official testing center. Some testing centers offer online testing. If this is the route you want to go, be sure to check with them before scheduling your exam.

Why GED Academy?

How does the GED Academy online prep program make studying for the GED test easy? It's simple. Instead of making you study things you already know or studying things that are too hard, the GED Academy builds the foundation first. This is the missing piece for most students who left high school early. Most students move through their studies in 4 to 6 weeks, but it depends on how much time they have to study and how serious they are about succeeding. So give it a try; there's really nothing to lose.