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The Cheapest Way to a GED® Credential

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Take the mystery out of getting your GED® certificate. Over 665,000 got theirs last year, and now you can get yours. It’s easy as 1-2-3. Here is how the GED Academy® gets you ready to pass your GED® in 4-6 weeks.

1. Start with a GED Practice Test

First, we find out what you need to know to get a GED® certificate. Our online GED practice test will predict your actual GED score and tell you (and us) exactly what skills you need to brush up on.  

2. Brush Up with GED Academy®

Second, we create a personalized learning plan to teach you the exact skills you need to be GED ready. Our Accelerated Learning Program teaches you in the context of real-life situations that make sense and are easy to understand. It's like having your own personal tutor.  

3. Pass the GED® Test with Confidence

Third, plan your celebration party because you will pass the GED® the first time. When you complete our GED programs, you’ll know for sure that you are ready to pass the GED test at a local testing center.  

Taking the GED® Test Online

Fake GED online test websites make all sorts of promises... quick certificate, easy GED test online, transcripts, even letters of recommendation. The rule of thumb is this: Make sure you are registering directly through your state's testing service to ensure your diploma will be valid and accredited. Check with your state's testing service to find out more.

How and Where the GED® Test is Administered

GED® testing is administered by your state and given through official GED® testing centers. There are over 3,500 GED testing centers, so finding one close to your home is easy. Taking the GED test through your state's testing center ensures that the certificate you receive is authentic and accepted for jobs and colleges. Our online GED programs make it easy to pass.

Pass the GED Test without Being Nervous

One thing we’ve learned from educating over 1.4 million people to get a GED certificate is that lack of self-confidence is the biggest obstacle to their ability to succeed. Just because school was hard in the past does not mean it will be now. We’ve invented a way of learning that makes everyone successful, and yes, we do mean everyone.