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Where to Find Free & Affordable GED Test Prep

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One of the challenges of getting a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma is paying for classes, a study guide, and other study material for the test. Many adult learners can't afford the cost of childcare or transportation to attend classes. Or, students simply can't go to classes on a regular basis because of family and job responsibilities. They're stuck! They can't get a better job without a diploma, and without a better job, how can they find the time and money to study for the test?

Free Resources & Support for GED and HiSET

There are solutions. Although resources for adult learners vary, low-cost or free classes and study materials for self-guided programs are readily available in most communities. There's also help available online for adults working on their HSE diploma.

Here's a quick guide with 10 ideas to help you find free GED and HiSET resources and support. It's easier to get started and stay focused on your education if you have the learning materials and support you need.

1. Online Practice Tests

You can take a free practice test online to find out what you need to study. Here are free practice tests for each exam.

2. Your Local Library

To get free test materials, try your local library. Your public library should have many choices for a GED or HiSET study guide that you can take out on loan. They may also have video courses as well. In some communities, the library even sponsors a free prep course. Some libraries may even offer childcare and storytelling classes for children while parents attend classes.

3. Community Colleges

Most community colleges offer an affordable or free course in basic skills or test prep for the GED or HiSET test. The cost of courses will vary from area to area, but generally, they're either free or inexpensive. If classes have fees, check with the community college financial aid office and student support offices. You may still be eligible for a free course and support services.

4. Adult Education Test Centers

In many communities, even childcare costs and transportation are available for adult students. Talk to local adult education instructors or test centers. They're probably very familiar with local resources.

5. Nonprofit Organizations & Volunteer Centers

Community-based nonprofits, volunteer centers, family support agencies, or family resource centers are excellent sources for adult students. Contact local nonprofit agencies and volunteer centers. Ask about classes, materials, and other needs related to your educational goals such as childcare, transportation, or adult education classes or grants. Many of these agencies and centers also provide student tutoring and mentoring services.

6. Public School District

Your local public school district or university may have continuing education courses or adult education courses. There's often grant money available to school districts and higher education providers that sponsor programs and classes for adult learners. Give them a call to see if they have the material or services you require for the GED test or HiSET exam. Check with the central office of the public school district, the nearest high school, and with the adult education office or career services office at your local university.

7. State Unemployment Office or Family Services

The local branch of your state unemployment office and local department of social services or family services. Both of these agencies may have funds or resources available through programs related to job training, workforce development, job readiness, or a DSS family support or welfare-to-work program.

8. Your Employer

If you're employed, your workplace is an excellent resource for adult education or HSE test prep. Your employer may already sponsor a program or may be willing to sponsor a program or pay costs. Your goal is a good one that will benefit your employer as well as you. Check with your employer or supervisor directly, along with the workforce development, personnel, or human resources officer or department. You may find you need to ask a variety of people in the workplace to find the answer you need. If your workplace doesn't sponsor a program, ask for one. Essential Education provides guidance to students, adult learners, and their employers or supporters to get adult education going in the workplace.

9. PBS Television Station

Your local PBS television station may broadcast a free HSE prep course that you can take. PBS also offers some online courses for basic skills required for the test. They're free. Check local television listings and the PBS website.

10. Essential Education

Essential Education online courses were created to provide free support and low-cost, effective study. There are also live coaching sessions with a student success coach. Multiple sessions are offered each week on a variety of topics.

Many resources are available in your community and online to help you earn your diploma. Find the path that works for you and stick with it. You can pass and move forward to a brighter future; we believe in you!