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Can I Get a GED Online?

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Today, almost everything is available online: banking, shopping, school. So, can you get a GED online? Before the summer of 2020, the answer was no, but the GED testing service developed an online test as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and testing became available online. Now, you can do everything online: learn from online classes, practice using online quizzes, and take the official test online.

Online testing requirements and availability are different depending on where you live aside from the age requirements. All online test takers must be 18 year old. Younger students may be eligible to test in person.

Online Testing Requirements Comparison 

State, Provinces, & Territories

Test  Offered

Online Test Availability



Testing Center Locations

Alabama GED YES 16+ $120 Alabama
Alaska GED YES 16+ $120* Alaska
Alberta GED NO 17+ $200 Alberta
American Samoa GED HISET YES 18+ $53.75–$120 American Samoa
Arizona GED YES 16+ $140 Arizona
Arkansas GED YES 16+ $16** Arkansas
Bermuda GED YES 18+ $300 Bermuda
California GED HISET YES 18+ $140 California
Colorado GED HISET YES 16+ $141.25–$150 Colorado
Connecticut GED YES 18+ Free Connecticut
Delaware GED YES 16+ $120 Delaware
District of Columbia GED YES 18+ $15** District of Columbia
Florida GED YES 16+ $128 Florida
Georgia GED HISET YES 16+ $133.75–$160 Georgia
Guam GED HISET YES 16+ $53.75–$125 Guam
Hawaii GED HISET NO 18+ $150 Hawaii
Idaho GED YES 16+ $120 Idaho
Illinois GED HISET YES 16+ $93.75–$120** Illinois
Indiana HiSET NO 16+ $115 Indiana
Iowa HISET YES 16+ $53.75–$75 Iowa
Kansas GED YES 16+ $132 Kansas
Kentucky GED YES 18+ $120* Kentucky
Louisiana HISET YES 16+ $83.75–$105 Louisiana
Maine HISET YES 17+ Free–$225 Maine
Manitoba GED NO 19+ $75 Manitoba
Mariana Islands GED YES 18+ $85–$120 Mariana Islands
Marshall Islands HISET YES 17+ $85 Marshall Islands
Maryland GED YES 18+ $45** Maryland
Massachusetts GED HISET YES 16+ $98.75–$125 Massachusetts
Michigan GED HISET YES 16+ $123.75–$150 Michigan
Minnesota GED YES 17+ $120** Minnesota
Mississippi GED HISET YES 18+ $88.75–$120 Mississippi
Missouri HiSET YES 16+ $88.75–$110 Missouri
Montana HiSET YES 16+ $78.75–$100 Montana
Nebraska GED YES 16+ $120* Nebraska
Nevada GED HISET YES 16+ $78.75–$100 Nevada
New Brunswick GED NO 19+ Free New Brunswick
New Hampshire HiSET YES 18+ $125 New Hampshire
New Jersey GED HISET YES 16+ $103.75–$125 New Jersey
New Mexico GED HISET YES 16+ $53.75–$80 New Mexico
New York GED NO 16+ Free New York
Newfoundland & Labrador GED NO 19+ $30 Newfoundland & Labrador
North Carolina GED HISET YES 18+ $53.75–$80 North Carolina
North Dakota GED YES 16+ $120** North Dakota
Northwest Territories GED NO 18+ Free Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia GED NO 18+ Free Nova Scotia
Nunavut GED NO 19+ $175 Nunavut
Ohio GED HISET YES 16+ $93.75–$120** Ohio
Oklahoma GED HISET NO 18+ $91.25–$136 Oklahoma
Ontario GED NO 18+ $100 Ontario
Oregon GED YES 16+ $152 Oregon
Palau HISET YES 18+ $85 Palau
Pennsylvania GED HISET YES 18+ $93.75–$120 Pennsylvania
Prince Edward Island GED NO 18+ Free Prince Edward Island
Quebec GED NO 16+ $175 Quebec
Rhode Island GED YES 16+ $120 Rhode Island
Saskatchewan GED NO 18+ $35 Saskatchewan
South Carolina GED YES* (see below) 16+ $150 South Carolina
South Dakota GED YES 16+ $150 South Dakota
Tennessee HiSET YES 17+ $78.75–$100 Tennessee
Texas GED HISET YES 16+ $53.75–$145 Texas
Utah GED YES 16+ $120 Utah
Vermont GED YES 16+ $120 Vermont
Virgin Islands GED YES 17+ $120 Virgin Islands
Virginia GED YES 16+ $120 Virginia
Washington GED YES 16+ $120 Washington
West Virginia HiSET NO 16+ Free West Virginia
Wisconsin GED YES 17+ $135 Wisconsin
Wyoming GED HISET YES 16+ $53.75–$80 Wyoming
  * Free online testing may be available.
  ** Discounted online testing may be available.

How to Get a GED Online

1. Check eligibility requirements for online testing

Every state has different requirements for testing, like age requirements or residency requirements. The online test has some additional requirements as well. No matter what state you live in, you have to be at least eighteen years old to take the online test. You also need to make sure your computer meets the software requirements for the online test. Check these requirements for GED or HiSET, depending on your state’s test offering.

2. Pass the official practice test

To qualify for online GED testing, you will need to take and pass the GED Ready test. You are not required to pass a practice test for online HiSET testing.

Before you test, check your skills! Try a free GED practice test to see how close you are to being ready to test and get a free study guide to help you prepare.

3. Schedule your test

To schedule your online GED test, register with the GED Testing Service. To register for HiSET, sign up with the HiSET Testing Service. There may be a waitlist, so sign up sooner rather than later. Registration is easy! Just go to the website for your state’s testing service to get started.

To schedule the test, you’ll need:

  • A computer

  • A webcam

  • A microphone and speaker**

  • A private workspace

  • Secure internet access and approved web browser

  • A state-issued ID

  • A passing GED Ready score*

*Only required for GED
**Only required for HiSET

4. Take the test

The GED test includes four subtests: math, science, social studies, and reasoning through language arts. The HiSET includes five subtests: math, science, social studies, reading, and writing. You can opt to take these tests individually or all together, pending online schedule availability. Learn more about what to expect on each subject and get test-taking tips before testing.

Online testing has specific rules:

  • Cheating will not be tolerated

  • You must test in a private room with no one else present

  • You must remain in view of your webcam

  • No food and drink allowed while testing

  • You must test seated at a desk

  • Desk and surrounding area must be clear

  • You must dress appropriately

  • Scratch paper and handheld calculators will not be permitted

  • Personal items must be out of reach

  • Headphones and earbuds will not be permitted

Available testing tools:

  • Digital on-screen calculator--You may use this to execute calculations for math and select science and social studies questions. Be sure to learn all about the calculator provided on the test and practice before testing.

  • On-screen scratchpad/whiteboard--Using the digital scratchpad and whiteboard, you can take notes or organize your thoughts just like you would regular scratch paper.

  • Technical assistance from a proctor--Should you encounter any technical difficulties or problems with the online test, the proctor can assist. The proctor cannot help you answer the test questions.

Can I Prepare for the GED Online?

Online test prep is the easiest and fastest way to study for your test. With online options, you can prepare from home or on-the-go, whenever you want. Set your own schedule and pace, and never worry about deadlines. Personalized online learning will make your GED prep simple and convenient.

GED Academy makes online learning a breeze. With a personalized learning plan that adjusts to your progress, it’s almost like having a personal tutor guide you through the material. Online video lessons will teach you everything you need to know for the test. Plus, the GED Academy is certified GED Content Aligned by the GED Testing Service, and HiSET Academy is approved by the HiSET Testing Service.

Enroll today to get your personalized learning plan and take the next step on your path to the GED.

Commonly Asked Questions


How long does it take to get GED online?

The online GED exam is about 8 hours long. Once you complete your exam, you will receive your scores immediately. An official certificate will be mailed to you and can take up to three weeks to arrive.

Is an online GED diploma accredited?

If you take the official GED exam online, you will receive an official, accredited GED high school equivalency credential. You must test through the official testing service for your state. Be careful--third party testing and online high school diplomas are usually scams and are not accredited.

Can I get it online at home?
Yes! You can prepare for the test, practice, and take the test online from home.

How much does it cost to get a GED online?

The GED test has a different cost depending on your state. For each state’s pricing, check the chart above or the testing service’s website.

Is there a way to get a GED online for free?

Free high school equivalency testing is available in some states like New York and Connecticut. Free testing is only available for legal residents of those states, however.

What is the best way to get a GED online?

The fastest and easiest way to get your GED is to take online GED classes like Essential Education’s online GED Academy. You can get prepared for the test as quickly as you need to with flexible online learning available 24/7. You will learn everything you need to know, get extensive practice tests and questions, and live coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Can I get a GED online in Florida?

Yes! Florida allows online GED testing. Not all states do, however. Check the table at the beginning of this article for state-specific information or check your testing service’s website.