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Accredited GED Online

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If you don’t have a high school diploma, you qualify to earn a high school equivalency credential. The GED credential is one of three nationally accredited high school equivalency certificates available today. The other is the HiSET credentials. They are all accepted by 98% of universities and colleges and virtually all employers. Bottom line: a GED or HiSET certificate is the gold standard for anyone who left high school early.

GED Academy Offers Accredited GED Online Classes

The first step for anyone who needs to get a high school equivalency certificate is to prepare for the test. Online classes are a flexible option for students with busy schedules or limited transportation.

How do online classes work? It’s simple. With Essential Education’s online learning programs, you can study on your own schedule. There are no deadlines, and you get to set the pace. First, we’ll figure out what you know and what you don’t know. You’ll then get a personalized online learning plan that will teach you everything you need to know step by step. As you progress, the program will adjust to you, suggesting review lessons and developing your learning plan to match your needs. It’s like having a personal tutor without the added cost.

The online classes are approved too! Essential Education’s GED Academy is GED Content Aligned. This means the official GED Testing Service recommends them. Accredited learning guarantees you accurate and up-to-date information about the test and the subjects covered on the exam. Not all courses are created equal, so make sure to take classes approved by the testing service like Essential Education’s High School Equivalency Prep courses.

Making Sense of Online Certificates

Be careful of online certifications. Online classes are a great tool to help you get your education, but most colleges and employers do not accept high school credentials from online high schools. This is because online schools don’t have the proper accreditation. For your credential to be valid, you must take the official exam directly through the testing service for your state. This could be the GED test or HISET exam. No other testing services are approved in the United States for high school equivalency credential testing. Accredited testing is required to get a real certificate, and you cannot simply buy a certificate online.

Online GED testing was made possible in the summer of 2020. Until then, accredited online testing wasn’t available. If you’re in a state that has approved online testing, you might be eligible to take the test online. Many states are not offering online testing options, so if your state is in one of the GED states not offering online testing, you must still take the test in person at a testing center. You also must be over eighteen years old to test online, and your computer must meet certain technical requirements. Check with your state’s testing service to find out more.

Is Online High School Accredited?

Don’t get scammed! Most online high schools are not accredited by the state department of education. Some online high schools will say they are accredited, but be sure to check who they are accredited by. Many of these companies are accredited by fake organizations, so the certificate you can earn from them will not be real. Online diplomas are not accepted by most colleges, so be careful. If you’re worried, check with the college you want to attend to find out if they’ll accept a credential from the school you plan to get your diploma from. If your credential isn’t coming from a nationally accredited company, then your certificate won’t be accredited either. Remember, GED and HiSET are the only testing companies that are nationally certified in the United States.

The GED & HiSET Certificates Are Awarded by State

The high school equivalency certificate is widely accepted because it is earned by taking an official test, overseen, and administered by your state department of education. It might seem challenging to pass, but not if you prepare the right way. GED Academy’s online classes can be easy!

Don’t Get Scammed

Don’t waste your time and money on websites that claim to give you a GED certificate online without testing through a nationally accredited testing service. These are scams. They just print out documents on a computer. A real GED certificate is issued to you by your state when you pass the test.