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What a GED Can Do for You

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If you're among the 39 million adults in the U.S. who never graduated from high school, then you've probably considered getting your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma. It's a credential worth getting.

A high school equivalency diploma is awarded to people who pass the GED test or HiSET exam. These exams measure basic skills, knowledge, and the ability to apply them. The tests are four-part or five-part exams covering reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

The tests aren't too difficult if you prepare the right way through a local study program or online classes. If you take some time to understand the test and brush up on what you need to know, an HSE test can be easy. A good starting point is to take a free online practice test to find out what you need to study and then follow up with online classes.

Why Should You Bother With an HSE Test?

Just consider the following facts and research that demonstrate the benefits of an HSE credential:

  • An HSE diploma will help you get and keep a job. Employers would rather hire someone who has the basic skills to pass the GED or HiSET than someone who does not. When it comes time for layoffs, employers consider education and skills.

  • You can expect to earn more money in your lifetime with an HSE diploma. Research shows that people with a high school-level credential make an average of $385,000 more in their lifetime than people who don't have a diploma.

  • Passing an HSE test will make you more valuable to your employer. You will have gained basic reading, writing, math, and thinking skills. You'll probably find it's easier to get a promotion once you have your diploma.

  • Having an HSE certificate opens up a lot of doors for advanced training. Most specialized training programs require either a high school diploma or equivalent. And with a diploma, you'll be eligible for most workplace or on-the-job training programs, along with higher educational opportunities.

  • A high school equivalency diploma is respected as equal to graduating high school. Online diplomas or "GEDs" are fake. A real state-issued GED diploma gives you access to more jobs, advanced workplace training, and higher education. It's accepted as an equivalent to a high school diploma by about 97% of colleges and universities in the U.S. and 95% of employers, including the military, the government, and police departments.

  • You'll probably feel better about yourself. With a HSE certificate because you've accomplished something that only 60% of high school graduates can do.

  • Consider the impact on your family. Your family benefits because an HSE certificate can increase financial security. Research also shows that once parents get a diploma, they're more likely to encourage their children to seek educational opportunities and complete educational milestones.

You can get your high school equivalency diploma. It doesn't have to be hard. Look into online courses to prepare for your success!