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GED Study Guides to Help You Pass the GED Test!

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Use our free GED Study Guides below to help prepare you for your exams.

Math Study Guide

This math study guide will help you prepare for the GED® Math test. If you’re nervous about the test, you’re not alone! We’ll help teach you how to pass GED Math with this free study guide.


Reading & Writing Study Guide

The GED test gives you one test for both reading and writing because they are closely connected. In the reading & writing study guide, you’ll learn about the GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Test - the reading, writing, and language portion of the GED Test.


Science Study Guide

Science involves reading, math, and research. This science study guide will help you prepare for the GED Science test, providing you with some tips and tricks so you can learn quickly and pass the test the first time!


Social Studies Study Guide

The GED Social Studies test is not about memorizing state capitals or historical dates. Instead, the test focuses on interpreting and applying social studies information. The social studies study guide will show you what you need to study and prepare you for the exam.